Humongous Living #StopHateForProfit + CADDIS

July 01, 2020 1 min read

Humongous Living #StopHateForProfit + CADDIS

Question 1: Does CADDIS know there's a Facebook boycott? 
Yes. On June 17th #StopHateForProfit issued a call to action to pause Facebook advertising as a result of Facebooks's inaction on hate and disinformation. This is big, beautiful and has Facebook's attention.

Question 2: Then why the F%#* are you advertising on Facebook in July? 
We are a small business, impacted by Covid, that can't yet thrive and survive without Facebook + Instagram ads. Simply put:
- We're on Facebook because you're on Facebook - it's where we meet the majority of our customers. 
- Like a lot of small businesses, we're heavily reliant on Facebook. We're working hard to make this not true. It won't happen before the boycott starts on July 1st. 


Question 3: What are you going to do about it? 
Our immediate next step: We now have a way to pay you for introducing us to new customers. Which would feel a hell of a lot better than paying Facebook. Our Give $20, Get $20 referral program is live. If this works, shifting dollars out of Facebook ads becomes feasible. You'll find the program here:
More to follow soon...


Thank you,
Small, mighty Team CADDIS