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Humongous Living WE CAN DO MORE

We can do more. That’s what this company has been coming back to, and our age should give us the wisdom and indication to know that the time is now to act. This is our "response" which by definition feels opportunistic, inadequate and assumes something other than an ongoing conversation... but action is more important than perfecting responses.

We operate and live in a system plagued/built with racism. The social contract with people of color in this country has long been broken. Anyone who disagrees is delusional, entitled, more than likely sucks and we don’t want to hear from them.

Realize that love and appreciation of people of color in music, sports, art, fashion, friendships, and pop culture is not equal to recognizing systemic unfairness. The problems are complex and longstanding. 

In the coming weeks/months it's time to do our homework and move forward with an added purpose. We're having discussions now that will lead us to actions our small company can take. Caddis stands for human rights, equal rights, equanimity, and to help communities see the world more clearly. There can be a brighter future. 

We can do more. So let's do more. 
Thanks for listening. We are listening too.
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