Going There

In celebration of Katie Couric, and her new book Going There, we proudly present a limited edition collaboration...CADDIS x Katie Couric readers. Our partnership is based on the shared belief of getting older and owning it. Our product is a Miklos in Matte Minor Blues, engraved with Going There. What's going on...

Katie's Book release 10/26 (pre-order now), Book Tour 10/28 (buy tickets in advance), daily Wake-Up Call (subscribe here), CADDIS x Katie Couric readers - available now. Until they're gone. When they're gone, they're gone...

  • Book Tour Dates

    10/28 Boston, MA
    10/29 NY, NY
    10/30 Washington D.C.
    11/1 Philadelphia, PA
    11/3 Austin, TX
    11/4 Dallas, TX
    11/6 Chicago, IL
    11/8 Atlanta, GA
    11/12 Los Angeles, CA
    11/13 San Francisco, CA
    11/15 Nashville, TN