L. Dovey | Reading Glasses

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L. Dovey | Progressive Glasses

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She’s free, she’s original and she’s super real. She’s been referred to as a proper noun and an action verb. When someone says “I’m gonna Lysa Cooper this,” people get it. She knows how to connect people and make beautiful things happen. So for this limited edition frame, we decided to let Caddis ambassador and NYC fashion legend, Lysa Cooper—“Lysa Cooper” this and put her creative touch on launching this fun new frame, L. Dovey. Lysa enlisted her posse for a family reunion/photo shoot with designer and photographer Mara Hoffman in the studio and on the streets of NYC in this labor of love for her people and her hometown.

“She's always reinventing cool. She's so rooted in like her spiritual core, as an extension of the things she makes in the world. So everything she makes is beautiful, but it's also meaningful.”

— Sade Lythcott