Caddis Frequent Framer Membership

Become a member and you’ll save 30% on every purchase you make during 2022. Once you purchase your membership, you’ll receive a unique code that only you can use via email within 24 hours.
Membership Plan


What’s the fine print?
Membership is available for purchase through 1/31/22. Your discount will be valid through 12/31/22 and can be used on all products, but cannot be combined with other discounts or sales and cannot be used to purchase Caddis gift cards. We do not offer site-wide discounts that are equal to or higher than 30%. The code is not valid for previous purchases. See complete terms and conditions.

What if I change my mind? Can I cancel the membership?
Once purchased, your membership cannot be refunded and will be valid through 12/31/22. It will not be automatically renewed at the end of the year.

Can I share the code with family or friends?
Nope, the code is good for you and you alone and will not work for purchases not tied to the member’s email address.

If I buy a pair of glasses along with my membership, will I get my discount right away?
Yes! Your membership discount will be applied to any one pair of glasses when you purchase your membership. If you’d like to purchase more than one pair, please place a second order and enter the code you’ll be sent via email within 24 hours after buying your membership.

Still have questions? Contact or call 801-464-4039. 

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