Progressive Lenses

Our all-in-one option. See up close AND far away. Progressive lenses progress from no magnification at the top, to your chosen magnification at the bottom. They aren't political. They help you see.

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Stop Stacking

Sunglass readers. Yes these exist. At CADDIS they come with a backside bi-focal, polarized lenses and availability in our best selling styles. If you need readers, you need sun readers.

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Mister Cartoon knew at age 12 that he wanted to be an artist.

Born, raised and based in LA - he is one of the most decorated and revered tattoo and airbrush artists in the world. Mister Cartoon's art adorns clients like Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Christina Aguilera. It's also showcased on classic lowriders and select product collaborations. Married with four kids, he sees his legacy in them. He believes in always learning and at age 49, says he's just starting to truly see it. Mister Cartoon is our first CADDIS Architect and Custodian product collaboration. The readers are inspired by the liquor store glasses of Mister Cartoon's youth + the custom cruiser skirts on classic cars.

“When you turn fifty you hear a loud pop. That’s your head coming out of your ass.”

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