Bang the Drum is our homage to the doers, the makers, the craftsmen and craftswomen who dream big and then purposefully and painstakingly turn their vision into tangible, coveted, incredible wares. The guitars Paul Simon and The Chicks seek out. The surf boards precisely shaped. Made by experts known to the world - and known to the guy who knows the guy you need to know. In many cases, they're preserving ad celebrating a craft that's been done for decades. So we're celebrating them. 

First Up: Bill Asher, Luthier & Founder, Asher Guitars

Bill Asher is considered a master guitar craftsman by legendary musicians. With loyal clientele such as Jackson Browne, Ben Harper, Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon and The Chicks (formerly The Dixie Chicks), Asher's decades of experience working on thousands of guitars has made him one of the most sought after luthiers in the country. Since it's inception in 1982, Asher Guitars has steadily manifested into a world renowned boutique guitar company dedicated to crafting fine instruments and providing superior service.