What’s important about blocking blue light?

Harmful blue light is emitted from digital devices - the cell phones, computer screens, monitors and televisions we’re on a lot. Harmful blue light can negatively impact sleep/wake cycles. Blocking harmful blue light (at the correct wavelengths) is proven to improve sleep, reduce headaches and eye strain and positively impact productivity.

Is there science behind the benefits of blocking harmful blue light?

Yes. Wearing our frequency lenses for 5 days has been scientifically proven to: increase melatonin levels by 96%; improve cognition by 47% (using pattern comparison tests); reduce sleep onset latency; and reduce awakening during sleep.

Why does CADDIS believe our new frequency lenses are the best on the market?

Simply put: Our proprietary frequency lenses are specifically engineered to block 45% of harmful blue light, at the correct wavelengths, with the clearest lenses you’ll find on the market (this is really hard to do). Our technology is infused in the lens, instead of coating on. Which means it doesn’t rub off - or go away if the lens gets scratched.

We encourage you to compare this to any other blue light lenses you are considering. Yes this is bold. We can proudly back it up.

We recognize this is an alley oop of a question. We’ve home court advantage on question writing.

What makes CADDIS frequency lenses different from what other brands sell?

Our frequency lenses block the most blue light (45%) at, and surrounding, the most harmful wavelength (455 nm) with a nearly clear lens (this is really hard to do).

Importantly, our frequency technology is engineered into the lens material. The blue light protection is infused in, not coated on. It won’t rub or scratch off. This alone is enough to make Frequency lenses better than any coated lens on the market.

The phrase blue light blocking is being bastardized and applied to a wide range of eyewear. This sucks. As you consider what to buy we encourage you to keep these facts in mind.

Why are they called frequency lenses?

Our frequency lenses block harmful blue light at the 455 wavelength and the surrounding wavelengths that are considered most harmful (450-460 nm). Blocking blue light in this range helps prevent negative impacts on melatonin production. Visible light is measured by its wavelength (in namometers) or it’s frequency (in Hertz). Voila.

Also our team voted for it. Which may be the best explanation.

Is your blue light technology infused in or layered on to frequency lenses?

Our frequency technology is engineered into the lens material. The blue light protection is infused in, not coated on. So it won’t rub or scratch off. This alone is enough to make Frequency lenses better than any coated lens on the market. You want the technology infused into the lens.

If you’re considering various blue light blocking options, ask for this - it’s a big deal. You get it with CADDIS frequency lenses.

Do frequency lenses have a tint to them?

All blue light blocking lenses that do their job have a tint. Unlike other lenses, our frequency technology is infused into the lens material. That means it can’t rub off and it will never have an adverse reaction to lens cleaning solution. Take sandpaper to an Frequency lens and it would still protect you from harmful blue light. This alone is enough to make frequency lenses better than any coated lenses on the market.

frequency lenses also block more harmful blue light at, and surrounding, 455 nm in a lens that is almost completely clear. This is a big deal. These lenses are ahead of the curve. It’s like we’re in the future.

Are frequency lenses only available from CADDIS?

Yes. These lenses are proprietary to CADDIS. They are exclusively available at CADDIS online and our affiliated wholesale accounts. Our Product Lead Jamie put some serious sweat and tears into making these lenses. They belong to us - and you.

Do all CADDIS readers come with frequency lenses?

Starting in July 2020, all CADDIS clear lens readers - in all magnifications - include frequency lenses. At no extra cost to you.

Do frequency lenses cost extra?

frequency lenses are included in the price of your CADDIS readers. Our blue light blocking technology is infused in, not layered on for an additional cost. We believe so strongly in the benefits of blocking harmful blue light that we take on the full cost of frequency lenses - and include it in every clear lens style. One less decision for you to make.

Are these readers or blue light blocking glasses?

Great question. They are both. CADDIS frequency lenses are the lenses we use in all magnifications of our reading glasses. For glasses that solely block harmful blue light (we see you younger crowd and contact wearers) our 0.00 magnification lenses are also frequency. You’ll know you have them when you see the frq etched in the lens you receive.

My question isn't here. How do I get an answer?

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