CADDIS Gives Music


📷 : Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation 

Years ago I was lucky enough to spend time with Yvon Chouinard at the iconic clothing brand, Patagonia. We shared hours driving CA Hwy 1 doing everything from surfing to shoveling Yak shit (not a metaphor). Those long drives allowed long discussions of Yvon talking about what authentic caring looks like, and how it behaves. He is relentless in corporate stewardship and environmentalism, everything else can go to hell.  “You have to run these things (businesses) like you don’t give a damn.”, he would tell me. I told him he was the most punk rock embodiment I’ve ever seen. The analogy was lost on him, and ingrained on me.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about authentic caring, brands, and why I started this business. Why matters. Why is a required question that allows only one good answer, and that one good answer needs to be the truth. Yvon has environmentalism. It gets him up every morning. He doesn’t fake it. It’s his truth.

While starting CADDIS, I was traveling the Western United States in a bluegrass band. The idea being this plan would simultaneously satisfy my entrepreneurial DNA, and I could still tour with music. Didn’t work out that way…

In 2018 we began shipping high quality reading glasses, and we’ve taken a hard stand on what it means to be older in modern culture. While on this trajectory, our “Why” became clear over time…

The first is that modern culture needs a reboot on how it views its relationship with “Age." 

The second, is that our culture needs music development in schools and other public institutions because what was free and available to all is now almost gone. Music has been devalued with technology, which has lead to unintended negative consequences downstream. Few corporations have stepped up to fill the deficit, so CADDIS should. Take some time to visit the great organizations we support, and lend a hand if you can. 


Tim Parr