We see you. We thank you.

Front Line Workers are carrying the weight of this pandemic for us all. Nurses, grocery store workers, doctors, mail carriers ... You know them. You are them. Our small business is grateful.

As a thank you, we've humbly reserved 500 pairs of our Two Bird Theory readers for Front Line Workers (regular price = $89). These readers are FREE + $6.50 each to cover pack & ship costs.

On the other side of this, we have hugs & high fives for each of you. For now, we're cheering you on as we shelter in. Offer good until reserved inventory is gone. 

Thank you,

  • Get a free pair.

    500 pairs of Two Bird Theory readers (regular price = $89). Reserved for Front Line Workers. FREE + $6.50 each to help our small company cover pack + ship. Thank you for all you do.

  • Give a free pair.

    Add a pair of Two Bird Theory readers to your order as a thank you to the Front Line Worker of your choice. FREE + $6.50 each to help our small team cover pack + ship. (Regular price = $89).

Customer @alifitMD pictured here in Miklos 👏