How We Make Things

This isn’t meant to be some sort of convoluted, self-congratulatory corporate chest-pounding kumbaya. People asked, and we just wanted to let you know what goes into our stuff in a brief, fairly straightforward manner. So, here goes.


CADDIS Acetate

Caddis utilizes two different sustainable acetate configurations. ECO Biodegradable acetate is a custom bio-cellulose formula that, unlike traditional acetate, will bio-degrade. ECO Recycled acetate is formulated acetates recycled from the acetate production and manufacturing process. Our acetates are formulated with high-density properties and annealed to mitigate material deformation and resist human and environmental attacks like sweat, makeup, sunscreen, heat and humidity. Acetates are lab tested for resistance to these elements as well as REACH and Biodegradable properties.


CADDIS Metal Alloys

All our metal alloys (combination of metallic elements) are formulated using recycled metal components from the manufacturing process and from metals brought into recycling plants for reuse/repurpose. Metals are then re-melted and cast into the base alloy and put through the cutting, stamping and/or forging process to make the eyewear components.


CADDIS Packaging

CADDIS Packaging Boxes, including inserts, are manufactured from recycled paper and cardboard. All art applications on boxes are digitally printed using organic dyes and/or inks.


CADDIS microfiber bags and cloths are manufactured from RPET (Recycled Polyethylene). RPET is derived from recycled water bottles and other consumer PET sources that is melted and extruded into fiber to make the cloth for our microfiber cloths and bags. Our bag and cloth art also uses organic dyes and/or inks.


Cases are made from Apple Leather or Linens. Apple Leather is created from the reuse and repurpose of dried, pulverized apple peels that have been formulated into a “leather.” Linen comes from flax, an organic and biodegradable plant-based raw material that requires no fertilizers, very little irrigation, and traps CO2.