Insurance | Use Your Vision Benefits with Caddis

Does Caddis accept insurance?

Good news! Your purchase may be eligible for reimbursement through your vision insurance plan. While Caddis does not bill insurance directly, we are recognized as an out of network lab by all vision insurance plans. You can apply for reimbursement by following these steps:

1. Click the link next to your insurance provider or download the generic claim form.

2. Fill out all required information on form

3. Include an itemized receipt of your prescription eyeglasses. You can find a link to that receipt in your order confirmation email. Contact us at if you need a copy sent to you. 

4. Submit both the form and the receipt to the address listed on the form for your insurance company. Do not send them to Caddis.


Insurance Company Link
Advantica Advantica Reimbursement Claim Form 
BlueCross BlueShield BCBS Reimbursement Claim Form 
Davis Vision Davis Vision Claim Form 
EyeMed EyeMed - Out of Network Vision Claim Form
Generic Claim Form Generic Claim Form for Other Insurance Companies 
Humana Human Out-of-Network Form
National Vision Administrators (NVA) NVA Claim Form 
Spectera Spectera Vision Plan Out-of-Network Claim Form
Vision Benefits of America VBA Claim Form 
Superior Vision  Superior Vision Claim Form 
Vision Service Plan VSP Claims and Reimbursements 
United HealthCare United Healthcare Out-of-Network Claim Form