We call them progressive readers. You’ll call them compliments.

See things up close and far away with the same pair of readers. Look good doing it. Win-win-win.

10k+ 5-star reviews

“Bold glasses. I get compliments on them everywhere I go!”

“The frames are super sturdy and I've gotten tons of compliments on them.”

“As soon as I wore them to work, several people asked where they can buy their own.”

“As soon as I wore them to work, several people asked where they can buy their own.”

See here and there with a single pair.

Caddis progressive readers let your eyeballs toggle effortlessly between close-up clarity and long-distance vision. No need to switch frames, no need to carry several pairs. Switch between phone and TV, navigating and driving, reading and presenting. Caddis progressive readers are here for it all.

how it works

Pick your perfect pair.

Choose your frame style and color.

Select your frame size.

Choose your lens power.

Need help ordering?

Our in-house optometrist can help you find the perfect fit and lens power, using our test that can be done over the phone or online. Check out our guide, or contact us via text or call us at (385) 295-9597.

These look good on everyone with a face.

Frames that Suit Every Face

Our frames are designed with ridiculous attention to detail. You’ll most likely look good in all of them, so you may as well start with some crowd favorites.

Miklos | Progressive Glasses

Progressive Glasses

4,614+ Reviews

Multiple Colors



d28 | Progressive Glasses

Progressive Glasses

4,610+ Reviews

Multiple Colors



Mabuhay | Progressive Glasses

Progressive Glasses

580+ Reviews

Multiple Colors



Porgy Backstage | Progressive Glasses

Progressive Glasses

970+ Reviews

Multiple Colors



20% off your first pair.

Need help? Our in-house opticians will make sure you get the right magnification. Plus, get 20% off your first order when you sign-up for email.

60-day returns

1-year warranty

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Custom Lenses
in just 14 days

These aren't your drugstore readers.

Caddis frames are carefully handcrafted with recycled materials like bioacetate and nickel-free metal alloys. Designed to handle real life, Caddis readers won't warp or deform over time. Plus, you can choose the lens that works best for you, including blue-light blocking, light responsive, or sun.

10,000 five star reviews and counting.

"Progressives are just what I needed for work - finally no more on-again, off-again games with my glasses!"

"At last I have found cool glasses that let me read as well as see my friends across the dinner table !!! Excellent!"

“The style is perfect, they feel great quality and I don’t have to try to look over the top to see far.”


Readers, but better.

Frames worthy of your face.