“They’re dope and help me see"

— Gwyneth Paltrow about our readers. (It’s no big deal).

1k+ 5-star reviews

1k+ 5-star reviews

Premium frames in the most 
stylish designs.

Gwenyth Paltrow doesn’t make style mistakes. That’s why she loves her Caddis readers. Discover our range of confidence-boosting frames, guaranteed to change how you feel about needing glasses.

Just one pair
for every day.

Built with progressive technology, every pair of Caddis readers responds to your vision to effortlessly focus when you need. No need to switch frames, no need to carry multiple pairs, just one, stylish fit and that’s it. Whether switching between screens, driving and navigating, or reading and presenting, you’ll need just one pair of Caddis readers for it all.

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how it works

Your readers 100%
tailored to you.

Our three-step process makes buying readers online simple.

First, choose your frame style and color

Then, select your frame size

Now, choose your lens power. That’s it!

Need help ordering?

If you’ve got questions then our in-house optometrist can help you find the perfect style, fit, and lens power. Check out our guide, or contact us via text or call us at (385) 295-9597.

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Celebrity-approved frames for the coolest “kid” on the block.

Hip, stylish, and effortlessly cool. Once you put on your first pair, you’ll never go back.

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