User Manual

You have your CADDIS Progressives readers in hand. Welcome. And thank you. This, ideally, is the best type of user manual. It aims to answer your questions, set expectations and help. It won’t leave you wondering why you have parts left over after assembly. 

We considered writing this in tiny font. Because you now have Progressives. Take that tiny font. 

Some of you are new to Progressives, some know them well. These FAQs reflect that fact.

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I know I ordered them, but what are Progressives?

Progressives are reading glasses with lenses that progress from your chosen magnification at the bottom, to no magnification at the top. This means you can see near, intermediate and far through this lens. For this reason, they are also known as “All Day” readers. No more stacking glasses on your head to switch in and out. Progressives are your pair. CADDIS Progressives are true progressive lenses, not blended bi-focals.

Do my eyes need to adjust to Progressives? Should these feel right immediately?

Great question. For most people, yes. Like any magnified or prescription glasses, your brain will do the adapting - and it may take 5-7 days. Especially if these are your first pair of Progressives. One week is the average time it takes for brains to figure out how to synchronize placement of lens magnification with the affiliated distance.

Are these better than normal readers?

Hell yes. Actually, that’s not true. Progressive lenses are not necessarily “better” than regular “full lens” readers, they just provide additional utility. Progressives lens magnification progresses through the lens vs. the lens having one magnification throughout. Most people can use regular readers for reading or computer use - and remove them for anything else. Progressives can be worn across a variety of situations, adding a level of convenience that a lot of people find highly desirable. No more switching glasses.

Do CADDIS Progressives block blue light?

Yes. Our proprietary blue light technology, Frequency, is the best on the market. It is blended into the lens, not just applied as a coating. It blocks light at the 455 wavelength - the most harmful wavelength emitted from screens. The percentage blocked is best in class - and our ability to do this in a near clear lens (vs tinted) is too.

It’s been 5-7 days and these still feel strange. What’s up?

Talk to us. Please email us at or call us at 801-464-4039. Ask for Steve. He’s your guy. Including a close up picture of you in the glasses will help us best help you. Please consider this as you connect and let us know...

Where someone’s eyes “sit” in any glasses matters. This is especially true for Progressives. The point where magnification kicks in on Progressive lens needs to match where your eyes sit.

Example 1: This person’s eyes sit high in the readers. The point where magnification kicks in on the Progressive lens could be too low for her. This may mean she doesn’t have the magnification she needs when looking straight ahead.

Example 2: This person’s eyes sit low in the readers. The point where magnification kicks in on the Progressive lens could be too high for him. This may make things blurry when looking straight ahead.

Very nice. This isn’t my issue / problem. Now what do I do?

Simply connect with us. or 801-464-4039. No homework necessary.