• All clear lens CADDIS readers - in all magnifications - now come with our proprietary blue light blocking frequency lenses.

    – Our blue light blocking technology is infused into the lens. Not coated on. 
    – Blocks 45% of harmful blue light at, and surrounding, the most harmful wavelength (455 nm). This is more than other brands. Ask and you'll see. 
    – Are nearly clear (which is hard to do). 

    Our team poured a lot of sweat into making these happen. From our product lead Jamie, "These are the best f'ing blue light blocking lenses on the market." We love Jamie. 

    frequency™ lenses are exclusively available from CADDIS. They are available right now.


    Ask us. We'll get you answers–Bottom line: Our proprietary frequency™ lenses are specifically engineered to block 45% of harmful blue light, at the correct wavelengths, with the clearest lenses you'll find on the market.

    More information + Q&A here....