Todd & Megan DiCiurcio

Todd & Megan DiCiurcio met as children. Maybe it was that Summer glow, when the lights went on and they just keep shining brighter. It became a tractor beam through time, a blinding edge, wielded unapologetically, in step to the unknown, learnt of failure & tragedy, rich in love, compound resistant and convention free. Water signs, yin and yang, fashion and art, using surfing as an escape pod to an experimental soundtrack, believing the beat of our own drum...

They dreamed it all up. Together forever and still dreaming it all up...

Todd DiCiurcio is an artist whose works addresses the exo-distortions inherent in the patterns of displacement and excess strewn across American Society. Finding truth in portraiture - he utilizes technology both spiritual and psychoanalytical - to create images that become words, stories, bands, armies of personal mythology.

Megan DiCiurcio is a renowned entertainment PR executive in the fashion industry, a muse, a surfer and dreamer of big dreams.