Artist-adventurer and best-selling author Obi Kaufmann has dedicated his life to studying California’s natural world. In the field atlases of Obi Kaufmann, science and art blend to illuminate the multifaceted array of California’s natural world, forming a uniquely elemental narrative based on the shaping forces of earth, air, fire, and water, connecting systems like no other series of books has done before. For poet, painter and naturalist Obi Kaufmann, California is a magic network of living systems that connect in a grand quilt of both ecology and beauty, holding enough science, mythology and language for a hundred field atlases to come. Obi’s 4th book “The Coast of California: A California Field Atlas” debuts on Earth Day April 22nd to galvanize readers toward a more ethical model of stewardship. In addition to his book, we are excited to team up with Obi on our Artist Series to bring you two new origami cases to celebrate his incredible work. To see more of his artistic and ecological work, check out his blog site at and Instagram @coyotethunder.