• #1 You're over 40.

    You've seen some things. So have your eyes.

    It’s no surprise your eyes are starting to get a little strained. This kicks in over age 40. Fear not... the sad rotating display of drugstore readers is not your only option. Yes, CADDIS are readers. Yes, you will
    look this good.

  • #2 You can't sleep.

    Screen time + eye strain = fatigue, headaches and disrupted sleep.

    All CADDIS readers include our proprietary frequency® lenses that block 45% of harmful blue light. These lenses are near clear (which is hard to do). Rest assured, these are best blue light blocking lenses money can buy.

  • #3 You're squinting.

    No I'm not, you say. Yes you are.

    Ask your laugh lines. Books, mail, magazines, computer screens... they're tired of arm's length. Can someone read your cellphone font from across the room? Bingo. Our handcrafted styles, across six magnifications, stop the squint.

  • #4 You’re turning on a lot of lights.

    Your phone is lit up like a Christmas tree.

    Your kitchen lights aren't cutting it. You're lighting menus on fire trying to read by candlelight. It's your eyes. Needing more light is a sign of eye strain. Cancel your lamp order. it's time to try some readers. 

  • #5 You think readers = you're old.

    Only your grandma wears readers, right?

    Wrong. Hell yes grandma wears readers. And she can see. You know who else wears readers? Legendary tattoo artist Mister Cartoon. We're crushing stereotypes of how it feels to get older. Own it. See stuff.